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Building Inspections

Masters of Inspection
PIPCO's inspectors are trained and certified in the testing and inspecting of sprinkler systems and backflow prevention devices. All services are in compliance with industry and municipality standards and regulations throughout our service area, which extends from Chicago suburbs to outlying St. Louis area. Inspections are available for any size and type of business.

Our inspection process consists of a full-service inspection and testing of your system, followed by a walk-through of the property. Deficiencies are noted and reported. They will range from small inconsistencies to major issues. We have the expertise in house to help you remedy all deficiencies.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - NFPA 25
  • Backflow Prevention Device Testing & Certification per CCDI & state plumbing code
  • Fire Pump flow testing per NFPA 25
  • Fire Hydrant flow testing per NFPA 25
  • Fire Alarm Systems & Device sensitivity testing per NFPA 72

Service on Systems

Service Masters
PIPCO is not only a multi-faceted performance contractor, but also strives to maintain our installations. We have specialized individuals in each trade that we employ to be well rounded enough to troubleshoot and solve most system service related issues.

Our goal is to maintain systems we install. We accomplish this by meeting and exceeding our performance contracts while developing a working relationship with the building representatives, facility managers, owners, etc.
  • HVAC & Process Piping
  • Sheetmetal / Kool Duct
  • Plumbing
  • Site Utilities
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical
  • Excavation & Site Development
  • Treatment Plants & Municipal Utilities